Discussion: pruning fruit trees

Discussion: pruning fruit trees

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  • Ilina Yurieva

    Good evening. Cherry is 2 years old. Last year, or rather. last fall we pruned the cherries a little. This year she did not produce flowers or fruits. Have we ruined the plant? What will we do? Is there any way to fix this? Are there any special tricks when pruning cherries? I would be grateful for your answers and help.

    • Sergey

      Your mistake was that you did the pruning in the fall, but it was necessary in the spring. A pruned tree tolerates winter much worse, especially since it is a very young tree. It may even stop fruiting, as in your case. But you should not be upset especially - in any case, the cherry will begin to bear fruit, sooner or later. In addition, it is not worth pruning young trees too much. Mature trees are another matter - here you can already walk around and cut them harder.

    • Alexander

      We also made the same mistake and this year we were left without berries, there were none at all. A neighbor, after such a pruning, was sitting without a crop for two years. But nevertheless, if this year it did not bear fruit, then over time it will start anyway, though you will have to wait, by the way, the neighbor already had a good harvest this year. And he also made an agreement with the lady, she is special in these matters and will do a competent pruning on our and the neighboring cherry this year. at the same time we will pass the "course of a young soldier". By the way, you too, it is better to find a local who is familiar with this procedure, it is better to see once than read twenty.

  • basik

    Pruning fruit trees must be done correctly. It is best to carry it out before flowering, when there is no longer any frost. If some branches are frozen by the spring, it is better to leave them until next spring to make sure they are dead.
    After pruning, it is necessary to destroy all branches so as not to infect healthy shoots with diseases.

  • Sonya

    Any pruning for a tree is a lot of stress, so prune heavily overgrown trees in several steps and do not forget to feed and fertilize the soil after pruning.
    It is better to prune branches in early spring, before the buds awaken. Cut thin twigs at the last bud, then it will sprout and the cut will be invisible. And after pruning, treat thick branches with garden pitch.

  • Alexander

    I want to warn beginners against the mistake that I made out of inexperience when pruning. When shaping the seedlings, I cut the trees according to the instructions. removed shoots from the trunk that would not be skeletal branches, growing inside the tree, exceeding a specified length, growing vertically, etc. And after removing all the "wrong" branches, too few leaves remained and the tree simply did not have enough chlorophyll. The result is a delay in development, a delay in the onset of fruiting. Another thing is adult trees, here you can not stand on ceremony, we cut everything that is supposed to be mercilessly, the tree will have enough strength to endure this operation.

    • N. Khristeva

      Alexander, in the first year for the formation of seedlings, you need to invite experienced gardeners. They know all the intricacies of the correct formation of fruit trees. Because each variety is formed differently. Yes, there is a lot of information on the formation and pruning of trees on the Internet, but, as a rule, a beginner does not understand which ones. then moments, because experience comes over the years.

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