Advantages and disadvantages of various home remedies for bedbugs: gels, powders, sprays, dusts, aerosols, crayons

 Advantages and disadvantages of various home remedies for bedbugs: gels, powders, sprays, dusts, aerosols, crayons

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Bed bugs are very unpleasant neighbors.

Insect bites are painful and can cause severe itching, swelling and even an allergic reaction.

They are difficult to remove, but it is worth striving for. A variety of home remedies for bedbugs will help: aerosols, gels, crayons and traps.

There are a lot of options, you can choose one or combine different methods.

Means against bedbugs: how to make a choice?

The main topic of our article is the fight against bedbugs at home: preparations for the destruction of bedbugs, means and methods that are used against these insects. Let's tell you how to poison bedbugs and what are bedbugs afraid of most of all?

Before purchasing this or that drug, necessary to find out:

  • the degree of its safety for people and pets;
  • mode of application;
  • shelf life;
  • frequency of application.

Preparations for bedbugs may have a repellent effect or completely destroy insects and their larvae.

Remedies for domestic bugs from the first group pointless to use with large concentrations of insects, they have a short-term effect and cannot limit the population. Bedbugs will not disappear, but only temporarily reduce their activity.

Means for the destruction of bedbugs more effective... Among them there are both toxic and completely safe products, some formulations are used only by professional insect exterminators, others are suitable for self-treatment of premises.

We will dwell in more detail on the means for removing bedbugs.

By form insecticides are divided into:

  • liquids;
  • aerosols;
  • gels;
  • crayons;
  • powders.

Liquid insecticides

This category includes popular brands: Karbofos, Forsyth, Executioner, Fufanon, Tetrix, Get, Tsifox, Cucaracha and others. Most liquid products have a pungent characteristic odor.

Among pluses of liquids:

  • affordable price;
  • high penetration rate;
  • suitable for various surfaces;
  • do not require frequent updates;
  • able to cope with large insect colonies;
  • affect adult bugs, larvae and eggs.

For convenience, liquid insecticides are poured into a spray bottle. Places of accumulation of bedbugs are processed: upholstered furniture, bed frame, bedside tables, carpets.

It is also necessary to spray the places of possible penetration of insects: door jambs and thresholds, ventilation grilles, window frames outside and inside.

Important protect the respiratory tract and work with rubber gloves.


Among aerosol insecticides are popular: Raptor, Raid, Karbozol, Clean House, Combat.

Among merits of this group:

  • ease of use;
  • deep penetration;
  • there are products with a low odornot irritating to the respiratory tract.

The disadvantages include relatively high cost of funds... It is undesirable to use aerosols in rooms where children or pets live. Spray products are not suitable for people with allergies or respiratory problems.


One of the oldest poisons from bedbugs. Powders were used as far back as the century before last (with varying success). They are based on dry active substances, affecting adult insects and larvae.

Among the modern brands, the following are especially famous: Klopoveron, Fas, Fenaxin, Neopin, Riapan.

The advantages of bedbug dust include:

  • availability;
  • durability of action after a single application.

Bed bug powder does not work on bedbug eggs, but effective against adult insects and larvae.

Bed bug gel

Products in the form of transparent or colored gels are suitable for the treatment of residential premises. Most popular: Absolute, Forsmite, Globol, Eslandez. Most gels are packaged in small spouts with narrow dispensing nozzles for dot or dotted application.

Among pluses of gels:

  • long term (up to 3 months);
  • high penetration;
  • safety for pets;
  • it is odorless remedy for bedbugs, does not irritate the respiratory tract.

Gels not suitable for handling soft inventory: carpets, beds, sofas or armchairs. It is better to apply them in furniture joints, on window frames, thresholds.

It is recommended to renew the drug every 3 months., it performs not only a destructive, but a preventive role, protecting the premises from the invasion of new insects. Due to the low content of insecticides, they can be used in apartments with children and pets.


The most popular version of this category is Mashenka. The chalk is universal, acts on bedbugs, cockroaches, and other domestic parasites. The insecticide spreads on the legs of insects, contributing to infection and the gradual extinction of the population.

Among merits of the tool:

  • low toxicity;
  • availability;
  • can be used for prevention;
  • not dangerous for children and pets.

Bed bug crayons unable to destroy eggs, but they affect the larvae. It is better to use the agent as an auxiliary, for example, after the treatment of the room with liquid aerosols. Crayons outline the floor around the bed or sofa, the perimeter of windows, door frames.

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Remedies for bedbugs are quite effective, especially if used in combination. When buying, it is important to take into account the shelf life, old drugs lose activity and are not able to cope with insects.

So, we told you how to remove bedbugs quickly and efficiently. Described the main drugs and their pros and cons.

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