There is something to be surprised - a variety of tomato "Bull heart": photo, description and main characteristics of the giant tomato

 There is something to be surprised - a variety of tomato

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Tomato variety "Bull heart" refers to large-fruited varieties... The non-standard (and sometimes just gigantic) sizes and original taste of tomatoes make them favorites in the plots of many gardeners.

The variety was bred by the specialists of Agrofirma Poisk LLC. In 2003, it was entered into the State Register of Breeding Achievements Approved for Use on the Territory of the Russian Federation.

Recommended for growing in open (southern regions) and closed (middle zone of Russia) ground.

The "Bull's Heart" has many hybrid analogs of the same name F1. They are very similar in characteristics to the original variety. The main difference lies in the color of the fruits - they can be pink, raspberry and even black.

Basic data

Tomato "Bull's Heart", characteristic and description of the variety - refers to mid-season varieties. The first fruits ripen in 120-130 days from the moment of germination. The average yield from one bush is 3.5-5 kg ​​of tomatoes when grown in open field and 8-12 kg - in greenhouse conditions..

The plant is powerful, spreading, low-leafed. Bushes are tall, not standard, determinant type. They stop growing after the formation of 5-6 brushes with fruits. The length of the stems reaches 1.5-1.8 m. The first ovary is formed over 8 or 9 leaves, subsequent clusters with fruits are formed after 1–2 leaves. Up to 5 fruits ripen on each cluster.

A feature of the variety is the presence of fruits of different shapes and sizes on one plant. The largest tomatoes (weighing 300-500 grams) ripen in the lower part of the bush. The upper fruits are much smaller and weigh no more than 100-150 grams.

The disease resistance of the variety is average. It is especially susceptible to infection with late blight. The soil for growing this variety is preferable to light and fertile. Oxheart tomatoes are quite transportable. Crop losses during long-distance transportation do not exceed 5%.

Description of fruits

The appearance and size of Bull's Heart tomatoes are very diverse. Most tomatoes are fairly regular, heart-shaped. The mass of individual tomatoes (with proper agricultural technology) can reach 600-800 grams, cases were recorded when the weight of one tomato approached 1 kg.

The color of the tomatoes is deep red. The peel is thin, easily separated from the pulp. The inside of the fruit is fleshy, dense, low-water, with a high dry matter content. Veins are practically absent.

There are few seed chambers inside the fruit (4-5 pieces), they are small and located closer to the edge of the fruit. The filling of the chambers with seeds is weak. Excellent taste of tomatoes... The increased sugar content in the pulp of the fruit gives them a unique sweetness. A light sourness emphasizes the exquisite taste of tomatoes.

Keeping quality of tomatoes is good. In a cool place (refrigerator or cellar), they do not lose their shape and retain their taste for a couple of weeks. With longer storage, the fruits become soft and suitable only for heat treatment.

A photo

See photos of the Bull Heart tomato variety below:

Application area

"Bull's Heart" is a table variety for salad purposes and is grown mainly for fresh consumption. For preservation, the fruits are suitable only in a crushed state or as a base for tomato sauces, dressings, pastes and ketchups. The variety was most widespread in private plots, in industrial breeding is used little.

Features of agricultural technology

The variety is quite capricious in cultivation. Only compliance with certain requirements for agricultural technology allows you to get a good harvest.

The main activities for the cultivation of tomatoes "Bull's Heart":

  1. On one square. no more than 3-4 bushes are planted per meter according to the 50x50 scheme.
  2. Correct formation of the bush. One or two stems are left (the second is from the first stepson). The rest of the shoots are removed. Also, all the lower foliage is cut off to the first brush with an ovary.
  3. To obtain the best yield, no more than 8 brushes with an ovary are left on one bush. A couple of leaves are left over the last brush and the top is pinched.
  4. A timely tie to the support of the plant trunk is necessary as it grows. In addition to the main stem, brushes with tomatoes are also fixed, if necessary.
  5. The soil is preferably light and fertile, with a high nutrient content.
  6. Plants are fed with mineral and organic fertilizers every 10-15 days.

Diseases: prevention

The main threat to tomatoes is late blight. In order to prevent the disease during the growing season of plants, the bushes are treated twice with fungicides. Water the "Bull's Heart" tomatoes directly under the root, preventing moisture from getting on the leaves.

For the same purpose, the greenhouse is regularly ventilated in order to prevent the appearance of moisture concentrate on the walls of the shelter. At the first signs of a disease on the bush, remove all affected leaves and fruits. They are taken out of the territory of the site and burned.

Advantages and disadvantages

The main advantage of "Bull's Heart" over other varieties of tomatoes is the unique taste of the fruit. Fleshy flesh with a pleasant sweet-sour taste make these tomatoes the king of salads. It is impossible not to note the yield of the variety. A couple of tomato bushes can feed a large family for several months. And the size of the tomatoes will delight the heart of any gardener.

Another factor that gives the variety an advantage over its brethren is the ability to grow crops from its own seeds. Having purchased planting material once, in the future you can collect seeds from ripe fruits. The main disadvantage of the variety is the need for constant plant care. They themselves do not grow, they must be cared for and cherished.

Varieties of varieties

As mentioned above, the "Bull's Heart" has many subspecies. There are both hybrids and original varieties. The most widespread are the developments of domestic breeding:

  1. "Bullish Heart Orange";
  2. "Bullish Heart Pink";
  3. "Bull heart is red".

The varieties are included in the Russian register of varieties.

Of the hybrids, tomatoes with an unusual color can be noted.:

  • black - Brad's Black Heart;
  • lemon yellow - Brown's Yellow Giant;
  • white - Brown's Yellow Giant.

Tomatoes "Bull's Heart" are quite troublesome to grow. Not every novice gardener can fully cope with this task. However, strict adherence to all the rules of agricultural technology will allow any summer resident to get an excellent harvest.

Useful information about the "Bull Heart" tomato variety in the video below:

Watch the video: Planting Roma Tomatoes The Right Way (June 2022).


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