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Big star cherry

Big star cherry

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Question: in how many years does a Big star cherry reach its maximum productivity?

Hi. I would like to know at what age a big star cherry tree comes in full fructification.

Answer: the Star cherry trees

Dear Paul,
the "Big star" is a variety of self-fertile cherry, developed a few years ago, but already widespread in cultivation, above all for the characteristic of being self-fertile, and therefore also in a garden where there is space for a single tree it is possible to obtain a large quantity of fruit.
It is a fairly vigorous and fast-growing tree, and in the space of about 5-6 years it should already reach sufficient growth to obtain an excellent harvest.
There are seven varieties of cherry whose name contains the word "star", very common in Italy; all seven were bred at the University of Bologna, during a long period of research, to obtain self-fertile trees, with excellent production, and with fragrant, firm and sweet fruits, which also have a beautiful shape and a beautiful color ; these are very productive varieties, which prove to be far more productive than many other varieties commonly used in Italy; in particular "Bis Star" is the most productive variety.
Clear that, especially with regard to a first plant, the correct rooting of the young trees will be fundamental, a good insolation, and a correct training pruning; especially in the case of cherry trees, which in the following years are unlikely to be further improved.


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