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Question: How do asparagus legs get laid?

hi, I am going to plant asparagus at household level, and before taking the legs I would like to inform myself on all aspects ... I saw a video of yours and a question arises: "but the legs should be placed on their feet, or stretched out" I hope to be explained to me and I would be grateful for the answer ... thanks devis

Answer: prepare an asparagus

Dear Devis,
the asparagus legs are fleshy rhizomes, from which the plant will be produced, and above all the fleshy shoots, whose technical name is turioni, or asparagus, which we use to eat; the rhizomes are planted in late spring, until June, in a plot that will begin to produce a good quantity of edible asparagus starting from 2-3 years after the planting, and will continue to produce them for about ten years; therefore you will have to prepare an asparagus flowerbed, which will remain fixed as such for a good period of time. Before placing the legs, work the soil well, then spread a small layer of manure on it, a thin layer of earth, on which you will place the legs, which will be put out, to make sure that throughout their length they produce asparagus in the coming months. Cover with a little soil, a few centimeters, and slightly compact the soil with the back of the shovel; then water. Watering should be provided whenever the soil is dry, until the autumn; during the cold months it is watered only in the case of particularly dry or hot seasons, but in general the asparagus is satisfied with the rains. There are many cultivation treatments to keep an asparagus healthy, but in general they do not involve many hours of work in the family garden; it is important to periodically remove weeds, and to water during the development of the seedlings; next year, you will start again with watering only after seeing the first shoots sprouting from the ground.
Asparagus is a very valuable vegetable, an asparagus plot in full production can guarantee about a kilo of asparagus shoots per square meter of flowerbed.
These vegetables, in addition to having a heavenly flavor, offer many health benefits, as they contain large amounts of mineral salts and vitamins, which make them a curative food in cases of rheumatism, gout, skin diseases. For once the saying that what is good hurts is denied by nature.