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Question: dicontra

hi, I'm desperate, I had a beautiful dicontra meadow, but my dear daddy got the wrong fertilizer (he didn't buy the gradual release) and now he's burning in spots, it's like he's set fire to it. He fertilized 2 days ago, the one that remained green, do you think it will burn or will it remain green? It is preferable to water it so as not to burn from the sun that which is still "alive" or rather to leave it alone to prevent it from dissolving all the fertilizer quickly? Help me I'm desperate I loved my lawn.
AH !!! you advise me to make a good pass of new grass ?? thanks a lot

Answer: dicontra

Gentile Rosina,
unfortunately, not to excuse your father, this event often happens with the turf, and sometimes even to the experts; do not despair, the patches you see are the areas where the concentration of fertilizer is very high, the areas still green in the meadow are those where the fertilizer has not fallen, or is present in an acceptable quantity. Now it is better to remove the fertilizer, or better dilute it as much as possible; the only way to do this is to regularly and abundantly water the lawn, so that the water used for the watering dilutes the excess fertilizer well. After about a couple of weeks, if possible, remove the yellow and dry seedlings, which are now dead, and proceed with a second sowing, placing a lot of seed especially in the empty patches. If the weather becomes too hot and dry, wait for a period of rainy weather, so the rain will help you in post-seeding watering; or you can remedy the problem of yellow patches in autumn, with a decidedly cooler climate.
Clear that, having well washed away the fertilizer from the lawn, you will have to supply more, possibly with a slow release; don't do it immediately, wait at least a month, so as to go and fertilize a soil that really needs fertilizer, without adding to what is already in excess.


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