Apple tree bonsai

Apple tree bonsai

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Question: Bonsai apple tree

Is it correct that the apple leaf after flowering assumes a green color tending to reddish? In such a rainy period is it correct to fertilize it? Thanks

Answer: Bonsai apple tree

Dear Claudio, the reddening of the foliage of fruit plants could be due to several factors; including a greater insolation, due to longer days; or the presence of insects, such as the red spider mites, which generally occur mainly in periods characterized by a very hot and dry climate. Other insects may also redden the leaves, but you should be able to see them on or under the leaves. Perhaps your apple tree is losing part of the leaves due to the stress due to the production of the fruit, or at night the climate is too cold; in order to understand what is coloring the leaves of your apple tree it is important to see photographs, otherwise you can only make hypotheses.
At the end of winter it is advisable to fertilize fruit plants, using manure or slow release granular fertilizer; if it rains you may have to repeat the operation sooner than expected: the slow release fertilizer generally takes three to six months to completely dissolve; if the rainfall is very high, it could take less, or two or three months, and therefore you should soon see it no longer on the ground, and you may have to supply it again. Typically this type of fertilizer is formulated to make it difficult to overdose; also because, if the rain dissolves again the granules, penetrating into the ground causes a greater leaching of the mineral salts that were already present there, and therefore the total quantity of mineral salts in the soil remains more or less the same.


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